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Colonial Pizza Oven Doors MD-210

Colonial Pizza Oven Doors MD-210
Item# MD-210
Door Size Option:  Hinge Design (view chart below):  Hinge Location:  Rectangular Window Option:  Iron Door Jamb Size and Type:  Door and Jamb Placement:  Iron Texture Option:  Painted Finish Option:  Thermometer: 
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Colonial Pizza Oven Doors MD-210
1/4" thick iron pizza oven door, with 2 metal hinge straps and a gravity latch. Customize the door by choosing the design number from the drop down menu. Use the design chart on this page for the number reference.

Typical door, Hammered edges, No Finish

Insulated door, All Hammered, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Damper

Typical Door, All Hammered, Rusty Metal

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